CSH Long-Term Visitors and Visiting Professors/Lecturers

Our long-term visitors are typically professors or lecturers spending their sabbaticals (or part of their sabbaticals) at the CSH. Our CSH Visitor's Program provides partial financial support for these sabbaticals. Please contact the CSH Director directly for inquiries.

Previous & Current Long-Term Visitors

2019: Prof. Dr. Adam Burgasser (astronomy; University of California at San Diego)
2019: Prof. Dr. Daniel Apai (astronomy; University of Arizona)
2019: Prof. Dr. Ilaria Pascucci (astronomy; University of Arizona)
2018: Prof. Dr. James Wray (planetary geology; Georgia Institute of Technology)
2016-2017: Dr. Marie-Estelle Demory (climate science; Reading University)
2016: Prof. Dr. Eric Gaidos (astronomy and geology; University of Hawaii)
2015: Dr. Ian Parry (astronomy; University of Cambridge)