About us

Letter from the CSH Co-Directors:

The Center for Space and Habitability was created in 2012 and aims at fostering research in the domain of habitability, planetary science, search for life, and all the potential impacts of these research in the society. The CSH is part of a rich scientific environment, at the local, national and international levels.

Locally, the CSH has links with different institutes, inside and outside the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bern. At the national level, the CSH is an important partner of PlanetS, the National Center for Competence in Research (NCCR) created in 2014. The CSH is furthermore intended to become the Bernese node in the future Swiss Institute for Planetary Sciences (SIPS). Internationally, the CSH is involved in a number of large-scale projects, among which the CHEOPS satellite.

The CSH runs a number of programs in order to stimulate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, like the CSH Fellowship, the Bernoulli Fellowship and the Visiting Professorship programs. The CSH also runs different interaction mechanisms to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas across all fields.

We welcome researchers interested in working with us and willing to participate in our different programs. If you are a professor, staff member, postdoc or student of the University of Bern interested in becoming affiliated with the CSH, please write to us directly.