Quality Assurance and Development (QAD)

The Center for Space and Habitablity (CSH) follows the Quality Assurance and Development (QAD) strategy as outlined by the University of Bern. All decisions and strategic actions of the co-directorate and the steering committee follow the regulations and measures implemented and monitored by the QAD expert committee (QSE-Fachgremium) of the Faculty of Science. More details on the faculty's QDA strategy and guidlines can be found on the QDA website.

The QDA concept of the CSH is based on a periodic feedback structure with yearly strategy discussions and a detailed self evaluation at the end of every four-year funding cycle. Based on the CSH's general strategy, a variety of scientific, educational, and administrative goals are defined jointly by the CSH and the rectorate. These goals are monitored by specific indicators in line with the general QAD guidlines. Based on the yearly strategy discussions and the self evaluation, appropriate corrective actions are taken in agreement with the rectorate, and, if necessary, the center's strategy and goals are adapted accordingly.

Questions regarding the QDA strategy of the CSH can be directed to the center's QDA manager Dr. Daniel Kitzmann.