Selected public record of CSH researchers and their subsequent career tracks

Dr. Nestor Espinoza (Bernoulli Fellow between Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, and CSH, 2017-2019): permanent astronomer position, Space Telescope Science Institute (2019-present)

Dr. Shang-Min "Shami" Tsai (former CSH+PlanetS Ph.D student, 2014-2018): ERC Advanced Grant postdoc, Oxford University (2018-present)

Dr. Matej Malik (former CSH Ph.D student, 2014-2018): Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Early Postdoc Mobility fellow, University of Maryland (2018-present)

Dr. Joao Mendonca (former CSH postdoc, 2013-2017): Assistant professor, University of Copenhagen (2017); assistant professor, Technical University of Denmark (2017-present)