News and Press Releases

CSH is part of TRAPPIST-1 discoveries

Prof. Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory was part of the discovery team of the TRAPPIST-1 system that hosts 7 Earth-sized exoplanets.

Wenner-Gren Foundations Symposium

Prof. Dr. Kevin Heng will serve as an invited lecturer at the Wenner-Gren Foundations Symposium on "Planetary atmospheres: on Earth, in the Solar System, and on exoplanets," in Stockholm from 14-17 June 2017.

Les Houches Winter School

Prof. Dr. Kevin Heng will serve as an invited lecturer at the Les Houches Winter School on planetary atmospheres from 6-10 March 2017.

Public Talk: "Listening to Venus" by Dr. David Grinspoon

Astrobiologist Dr. David Grinspoon will give a public talk on Venus, which includes a "live" performance of songs he wrote, on 3rd June 2016 (Friday) at UniS A022 from 18.00-19.00.  The event poster may be downloaded from the Public Outreach and Education section of the webpage.

Bernoulli Fellowships Established

The Bernoulli Fellowships have been created by the CSH.  These are 4-year joint positions shared between the CSH and its partner institutes or universities.  Our inaugural partners in the Bernoulli Fellows are Oxford University and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) at Heidelberg.

Bad Honnef Summer School on Exoplanets (2016)

Prof. Dr. Kevin Heng and Prof. Dr. Christoph Mordasini will serve as invited lecturers at the Bad Honnef Physics School on Exoplanets in June/July 2016.  The poster for this school may be found in the Links & Downloads section below.

Exoplanets I Conference

The Exoplanets I conference, held at the Davos Congress Center in July 2016, has been awarded funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation (conference grant), the PlanetS NCCR and the Swiss Society of Astronomy & Astrophysics (SSAA).