Recognizing the worldwide efforts underway to develop ground- and space-based infra-structure aiming at the characterization of exoplanets and the exploration of the solar system, and building upon the over 40 years of experience in the area of space research, the University of Bern has created the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH).

The primary objective of the Center is to foster a scientific environment conducive to multi-disciplinary research in the field of planet formation, evolution and habitability, as well as the origin of life. The experimental, laboratory, and theoretical activities taking place at CSH will provide a framework that will allow researchers, at the University of Berne in particular and in Switzerland in general, to play a significantly enhanced role in the interpretation of measured data as well as in the development of future space missions or ground based instrumentation.

Taking advantage of the general interest in this field of research, CSH will aim at developing the educational aspect of this research both for students and for the general public. This will be realized through specific projects targeted to either schools and/or the general public.