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Center for Space and Habitability


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Welcome to the Center for Space and Habitability

Recognizing the worldwide efforts underway to develop ground- and space-based infra-structure aiming at the characterization of exoplanets and the exploration of the solar system, and building upon the over 40 years of experience in the area of space research, the University of Bern has created the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH).



Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

Rosetta: Noch 100 Kilometer bis zum «Touchdown»

Die Raumsonde Rosetta nähert sich heute auf 100 Kilometer ihrem Zielkometen «Chury» an. Nach zehn Jahren Reise kann sie mit dem Berner Instrument ROSINA bald die ersten Moleküle aus dem Gasschweif des Kometen «riechen». Medienmitteilung

                                       CHEOPS: CSH-UniBe/Kurt Bratschi

Wednesday 19th February 2014

Further great successes for Bern's planetary research

Today, the European Space Agency (ESA) has given the green light for the industrial implementation of  the CHEOPS mission which is being led by the University of Bern. In addition, ESA selected today the «PLATO» M-class mission in which the University of Bern is also heavily involved. Hardly a month after the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) «PlanetS» has been selected by the Swiss Federal Council, these decisions confirm the leading position of Bern's space and planetary research. Media release

                                                                   PLATO: zVg

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