Research Nodes of the CSH

Our traditional strengths at CSH and WP are experimental planetary science, space instrumentation, planet formation theory and exoplanetary atmospheres as these topics are supported by the research groups of tenured professors. Our CSH Fellows, Ambizione Fellows, SNF Eccellenza Professorial Fellows, etc, tackle these topics from complementary perspectives and broaden the scope of research covered.

Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Science

What is the diversity of demographics and architectures of planets orbiting other stars (exoplanets)? May we measure and understand the diversity of atmospheres, surfaces, interiors and stellar environments of exoplanets? How do planetary system forma and evolve, and what is their typical architecture? How do we place the Solar System in the context? Is habitability a well-defined concept?

Group of Prof. Dr. Yann Alibert (planet formation and evolution): Jo Ann Egger, Dr. Hugh Osborn, Jeanne Davoult, Nicolas Kaufmann, Andrin Kessler, Dr. Simon Grimm, Lokesh Mishra, Dr. Yuhito Shibaike

SNF Professorship Group of Prof. Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory (exoplanetary astronomy): Marko Sestovic

Ambizione Group of Dr. Dan Bower: Tobias Meier


Astrochemistry, Cosmochemistry & Planet Formation

What is the chemical composition of the material from which stars and planets form? How do we quantify the connection of the interstellar medium to protoplanetary disks, comets in our Solar System, and planetary systems? What are the key chemical and physical processes for setting the observed isotopic ratios, chemical complexity, and the simplest ingredients for life? How do we progress the observational, theoretical and experimental methodologies to understand our astrochemical heritage?

Eccellenza Group of Prof. Dr. Susanne Wampfler: TBD

Ambizione Group of Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya: Beatrice Kulterer

CSH Postdocs in Experimental Sciences: Dr. Niels Ligterink

Geosciences (Geology & Geophysics)

Which elements of Earth formation and evolution are more broadly applicable to rocky planets within and beyond the solar system? How can the geological and geochemical record of Earth be best utilised to understand the processes that shape planetary interiors and surfaces. How did accretion, geological processes, and later life, conspire to give us the present-day Earth?

Ambizione Group of Dr. Dan Bower: Tobias Meier

Affiliated Professor: Prof. Dr. Klaus Mezger (Geology)

CSH Fellow: Dr. Kaustubh Hakim, Dr. Meng Tian, Dr. Valentin Bickel

Machine Learning and Statistics

How may we apply established machine learning and statistical methods to solve problems in novel ways? In the process, may we understand these methods better?

ARTORG-CSH Working Group: Dr. Pablo Marquez-Neila, Prof. Dr. Raphael Sznitman

SNF Professorship Group of Prof. Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory (exoplanetary astronomy): Marko Sestovic

Group of Prof. Dr. Yann Alibert (planet formation and evolution): Jo Ann Egger, Jeanne Davoult,  Dr. Simon Grimm, Lokesh Mishra

Science, Philosophy & Religion

How may we conduct constructive and meaningful discussions between science, philosophy and religion?

CSH Postdoc: Dr. Jessica Lampe (lead on CSH Science & Religion Forum)

Affiliated Professors: Prof. Dr. Claus Beisbart (Philosophy)

CSH Fellow: Dr. Vera Matarese