Research at the CSH spans a broad range of disciplines and methodology, from theory and simulation to observations and instrumentation.  Major investments include the CSH and Bernoulli Fellowships and Visiting Professorship programs, the Exoclimes Simulation Platform, the SAINT-Ex ground-based telescope and an affiliated array of space missions.  Our researchers have a diverse range of interests.


Daniel Angerhausen: exoplanet detection and characterisation, astrobiology, airborne astronomy, mission design, science communication and policy

Jean Bollard: cosmochemistry, dynamics and timescale of Solar protoplanetary disk, timing and tempo of primary Solar System solids formation, chondrules, U-Pb dating

Dan Bower: thermal and chemical evolution of planetary mantles, mantle convection, plate tectonics, early Earth, magma oceans, equations of state and material properties of planetary materials

Russell Deitrick: atmospheric dynamics of exoplanets big and small, climate and habitability, obliquity and orbital dynamics, planetary interior-atmosphere coupling (e.g., carbon cycling), biosignatures, ancient Martian climate

Brice-Olivier Demory: exoplanet detection and characterisation, planetary atmospheres, planetary dynamics, statistical analysis, stellar and brown-dwarf physics, ground-based instrumentation, data analysis, large surveys

Maria Drozdovskaya: astrochemistry, star and planet formation, prestellar cores, protoplanetary disks, comets, complex organic molecules, PAHs, shocks, ALMA, JWST

Simon Grimm: N-body and orbital dynamics, exoplanet characterization, transit time variations and planet formation; opacity calculations, radiative transfer and fluid dynamics; numerical code development and high performance computing; GPU computing and training; GPU hardware and clusters

Kevin Heng: general theory of exoplanetary atmospheres, fluid dynamics, radiative transfer, chemistry, atmospheric escape, inversion techniques, CHEOPS, JWST and LUVOIR science, supernova remnants, shocks, interstellar medium, epistemology

Niels Ligterink: physical chemistry, astrochemistry, astrobiology, laboratory experiments and instrumentation, ice chemistry and physics, prebiotic molecules, ALMA, JWST

Susanne Wampfler: astrochemistry, star and planet formation, isotopic fractionation, complex organic molecules, (sub-)millimeter astronomy, interferometry, ALMA, protostars, protoplanetary disks, comets, linking astrophysics with Solar System science and cosmochemistry, radiative transfer