2nd CSH Science, Philosophy and Religion Forum: Reassessing Ignorance. Its Varieties, Roles and Values in Science, Philosophy and Religion

Stuart Firestein: Scientific Ignorance as a Drive to Pluralism

Tuesday, 2022/06/07, 17:30

Stuart Firestein at The Amaz!ng Meeting, 2012
Stuart Firestein at The Amaz!ng Meeting, 2012
Susan Gerbic, wikimedia commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

The 2nd CSH Forum in Science, Philosophy, and Religion is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Center for Space and Habitability, the Institute of Philosophy and the Institute of Historical Theology at the University of Bern. The forum will feature talks by scientists, philosophers and scholars working in religion and political studies. It will start on Tuesday, 7th June with a public evening lecture by professor Stuart Firestein (Colombia University), author of the book "Ignorance, how it drives science" (Oxford University Press), at the University of Bern. It will then continue, at the Gurten, until Thursday, 9th June. All talks will be in English.

Event organizer: Center for Space and Habitability (CSH)
Speaker: Stuart Firestein
Date: 2022/06/07
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Locality: Kuppelraum (501)
Main Building
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Bern
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge

Stuart Firestein is the former Chair of Columbia University's Department of Biological Sciences where his laboratory studies the vertebrate olfactory system, possibly the best chemical detector on the face of the planet. Dedicated to promoting the accessibility of science to a public audience, Firestein serves as an advisor for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s program for the Public Understanding of Science.  At Columbia, he is on the Advisory boards of the Center for Science and Society (CSS) and the Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience – both centers for interdisciplinary work between the sciences and the humanities. His book on the workings of science for a general audience called Ignorance, How it Drives Science was released by Oxford University Press in 2012.

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