CSH Distinguished Lectures

The CSH Distinguished Lectures were founded in 2014 and our inaugural Distinguished Lecturer was Prof. Raymond Pierrehumbert (Oxford University).  The intention is to bring renowned and distinguished researchers to the CSH and University of Bern to deliver a series of two to three lectures on research areas of their choice, which are broadly relevant to the themes and goals of the CSH.  CSH Distinguished Lecturers are invited to spend a week or more at the University of Bern to interact with our researchers.  If you wish to nominate someone for a CSH Distinguished Lecturership, please contact the CSH Director directly.

2014: Prof. Dr. Raymond Pierrehumbert (then University of Chicago, now Oxford University)
2016: Prof. Dr. Scott Tremaine (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
2017: Prof. Dr. Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden Observatory)
2018: Prof. Dr. Edo Berger (Harvard University)
2019: Prof. Dr. Ignas Snellen (Leiden)
Future: Prof. Dr. Sara Seager (MIT), Prof. Dr. Joshua Winn (Princeton)