Titleimage: Center for Space and Habitability (CSH)

The mission of the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH) is to foster dialogue and interactions between the various scientific disciplines interested in the formation, detection and characterization of other worlds, the definition of life and our search for it elsewhere in the Universe, and its implications for disciplines outside of the sciences.  Our members and affiliates include astronomers and astrophysicists, atmospheric, climate and planetary scientists, geologists and geophysicists, biologists, chemists and philosophers.  We are home to the CSH and Bernoulli Fellowships, which bring young, dynamic and talented researchers to the University of Bern, Switzerland, to conduct independent research.

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Current & Upcoming CSH Visitors
 Visitor schedules are coordinated using our Wikispaces webpage.
 Prof. Carol Cleland (Colorado) G6 105  06/06 
 Dr. Zoe Leinhardt (Bristol) G6 105  07/06 
 Prof. Berge Englert (NUS) G6 105  26-27/06 

The CSH is also responsible for the public outreach activities associated with the Bernese space missions.
Das CSH ist auch verantwortlich für die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit im Zusammenhang mit den Berner Raumfahrtmissionen.

Physical address: Gesellschaftsstrasse 6 (G6), CH-3012, Bern, Switzerland
Mailing address: Sidlerstrasse 5 (ExWi), CH-3012, Bern, Switzerland