Visiting the CSH (Logistics)

CSH building

We are located at Gesellsschaftstrasse 6 (G6), CH-3012, Bern (shown in the photo), which is behind the Exakte Wissenschaften (Exact Sciences; ExWi) building.

Visitors to the CSH normally fly into the Zurich (ZRH) or Basel (BSL) airports and take the train to Bern.  Train schedules may be obtained at the SBB website and are precise to the minute.  Please enter "Bern" as your destination.  The main train station of Bern is situated directly below the University of Bern.  Once you leave the train, you may either go above or underground.  A short cut to the University of Bern is to go underground and follow the sign to "Universitat", which will lead you to a series of elevators.  Take any elevator to the top floor and you will arrive on the campus of the University of Bern.  In the absence of traffic, the journey from the train to the campus, via this route, should take less than 5 minutes.

If you are a seminar/colloquium speaker and/or invited guest of the CSH, we recommend that you fill out the reimbursement form before you arrive in Bern and email or hand it to the CSH secretary in person.  The CSH will arrange hotel accommodation for you, but you should purchase the plane/train tickets yourself.  Only economy-class travel is supported and you should check with us regarding the cost limit.  For American visitors, please note that the use of credit cards in Switzerland requires a PIN number.  Please work with your bank to obtain this PIN number before you travel to Switzerland.  CSH visitors are entirely responsible for checking if they need a visa to travel to Switzerland and, if so, for applying for and obtaining the visa.  We will provide you with an invitation letter for your visa application, if necessary, but we are not responsible for any financial loss (e.g., plane ticket) due to a visa not being issued in time.  Please keep all receipts related to travel (plane/train/bus/tram/etc), but not receipts for food as we will reimburse you for this on a per diem basis.  The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF). We strongly recommend that you install the eduroam internet access (via your university/institute) before leaving for Switzerland.

Guide to Hosting Your Visitor (for CSH Researchers)