CSH Fellowship

CSH Fellowship, Bernoulli Fellowship and Visiting Professorship

Inspired by the success of the NASA Fellowship Programs, as well as those at major North American universities, the 3-year CSH Fellowships were created in 2015 to bring young, dynamic and independent researchers to the University of Bern to conduct their own research programs.  In 2016, the 4-year Bernoulli Fellowships were created to establish ties between the CSH and its partners in the form of an international fellowship that is competitive on the world stage.  Currently, Oxford University and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) are our partners for the Bernoulli Fellowships.  Concurrently, the CSH Visiting Professorship/Lecturership was created to attract established researchers to spend their sabbaticals at the University of Bern.  Together, the CSH Fellows, Bernoulli Fellows and Visiting Professors/Lecturers form the core of the intellectual life of the CSH.

In addition to the CSH Fellowships, we encourage you to compete for external fellowships to bring to the CSH and University of Bern.  For external funding of at least 2 years (including full salary support of the candidate), we will augment the term of the position by 1 year.

Bernoulli Fellowships: Inaugural Call