CSH Seminar and Colloquium Series

lecture hall with people

The CSH Colloquia is a series of review talks delivered by world-leading experts on their respective subjects.  Its structure is built on sponsoring/cohosting talk slots in existing series: the WP Seminars and the Bern Physics Colloquium.  The CSH Seminar Series is a series of more focused, technical talks on the work done by researchers at the frontiers of their topics or fields, usually given by up-and-coming researchers.

We welcome nominations for CSH Colloquium or Seminar speakers, but nominators should address the following questions:
1. For CSH Colloquium speakers, does the nominated speaker have an established track record and is able to give a fair and comprehensive review of the published literature and state of the art?  (CSH Colloquia are generally intended for a broader audience.)
2. For CSH Seminar speakers, is the nominated speaker performing frontier or cutting-edge research that would be interesting for the CSH researchers?  (CSH Seminars may be of a more technical nature.)
3. Last but not least, is the nominated speaker a good speaker?  (Verbal references or YouTube videos of past lectures may be used as supporting evidence.)

Nominations should be made directly to the CSH Director.